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Ranger Design Shelving

We sell and install Ranger Design Shelving!

We can upfit your van with Ranger Design's new shelving system.  It will make life easier by giving you options to customize your van's space.  These shelves have been tested for to make sure they are rattle‑free and are extra sturdy.  These shelves will make your van more functional and usable.

You can have infinite adjustment with sturdy metal dividers.  They can be placed anywhere on the shelf to keep anything you have tidy and in one location. Solid plastic clips hold the dividers tightly in place and eliminate any chance of noise while driving.

Tough ABS bins arrange your work space neatly for maximum efficiency. Bins come with a center divider and can be upgraded with a set of cross dividers for your smaller items. No need to search for small parts and pieces by keeping them in a bin that you can carry with you.

Doors offer extra security measure to safe guard your items.  You can accessorize with sturdy, aluminum, locking doors that can be attached easily to your shelving. It’s a great way to protect your things, or even just to keep them on the shelves during a rough ride to work.